Amsterdam coffee shops are a huge tourist draw card with traveler’s from all over the world coming in to sample the local herb on offer. Marijuana smoking in Amsterdam is perfectly legal as long the amount being sold is under 5 grams for each individual and they’re over the age of 18 years old.

Coffee shops in Amsterdam differ by style and ambiance, so depending on what setting you wish to smoke in, you’re bound to find a coffee shop to suit your style in Amsterdam.
When entering a coffee shop, take a seat at one of the table’s or stools (like you would in any bar or cafe) and someone will bring you a menu (that’s right, a menu) of all the different types of weed on offer. You can either purchase a pre-rolled joint or buy some to roll yourself, the choice is yours. Coffee shops also encourage people to bring their own weed to smoke, but you’d more than likely have to purchase a drink to sip on while you smoke.

Recommended Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

Katsu Coffee Shop

Described as “the best kept secret in Amsterdam” Katsu is located in the De Pijp area. A colourful little coffee shop, Katsu has a relaxing/chilled environment with friendly staff (something which is important with your first time smoking).
Personal tip, try their space cakes. You don’t be disappointed.

Atlantis Coffee Shop

Also located in De Pijp, Atlantis is well known for convincing a lot of tourists to return to Amsterdam purely based on their cozy environment and knowledgeable staff. The interior is well decorated with zebra print couches and pictures of Bob Marley plastered all over the walls. You can play pool, boardgames or just chill with a joint and a coffee in this lovely, chilled place.

The Bulldog Amsterdam

Everyone must visit the Bulldog if they’re in Amsterdam. The Bulldog is an iconic coffee shop smack bang in the middle of the city located in Leidseplein. The atmosphere at the bulldog is pretty full on which feels more like a bar than a quiet coffee shop. A marvelous and interesting place to have a smoke

Marijuana News Amsterdam 2014
In 2012, the then mayor of Amsterdam wanted to implement a rule whereby tourists visiting the city would not be able to purchase marijuana (unless they were a resident with a weed pass). This has since been overruled by mayor Eberhard Van Der Laan. He stated in an open letter than a residence certificate with NO LONGER be necessary for people to obtain to enter coffee shops in Amsterdam.